Valorant cosmetics vary  in their rarity. The Riot  gun buddy is no exception. Also known as  the Fist Bump Gun  buddy, it is possibly the rarest cosmetic in the  game. It is not only  extremely hard to obtain, but only a few players in the world handpicked by Riot employees have  the Riot Gun Buddy in Valorant.Although many players have already  shared their experiences of receiving the elusive gun buddy since its  initial release, not many people know how the system works.  

If you want to get a Riot Gun Buddy in Valorant, you must read our article. Average Valorant players easily can get one of these gun buddies on their hands. However, it is possible to  get a Riot Gun Buddy in Valorant by buying high tier accounts from valorant smurf shop. Lets move to the guidance to grab the gun buddies.

When asked about the criterion of giving gun buddies in Valorant,  Paddo (internal Events and Program Manager for Riot Games) stated, “We often give them to players that are naturally being good  sports and making the game fun for their teammates. The reason I  gave all these folks gun buddies was that everyone was universally  positive and having fun even though we were strangers. This is how I  want all my lobbies to be but unfortunately, sometimes people are  going through stuff or are immature and make things less fun for  people.”  

Therefore, positive interactions with Riot employees in-game are a  sure shot way to secure the Riot Fist Bump. Players who are good  sports and make their teammates’ games fun are awarded the badge.  Obviously, Riot employees must be in your game and observing your  behavior. You can find out the following pointers that riot considered for unsportsmanship:

  • Insulting, harassing, or offensive language.  
  • Abusive language is targeted at players based on their  performance.  
  • Any discrimination or hate speech.  
  • Quitting or throwing the game, anything that ruins gameplay for  others.
  • Inappropriate in-game names.  

If you’re abstaining from all these negative pointers, you should be  good to go, waiting for a Rioter to spawn in your game.  

It is possible to play with someone who works for Riot without even  knowing it, as not all Riot employees have “Riot” in their names in game. Directly contacting Riot employees or asking about the gun  buddy does not work. Also, maintaining positive interactions and  being a good sport forcibly just to get a gun buddy might not work.  

Moreover, it’s not a good idea to ask a Rioter for the Gun Buddy.  There’s a limit to the number of Fist Bumps each Rioter can give out,  so they’re unlikely to give you one just because you asked—if  anything, this lessens your chances. If someone is claiming to be a  Riot employee and asking you to contest or pay for the buddy,  it’s obviously a scam. Submitting tickets to Riot regarding how  good a player you have been all your life isn’t going to work either.  A Rioter must see you in action. 

Lastly, following a lot of Rioters in Twitter and dm-ing them to  ask for gun buddies is the last thing that should cross your mind.  You can see the twitter that states “The Fist Bump is a reward for good sportsmanship, not a reward for  following Rioters on Twitter”.  

The Riot gun buddy was introduced to reduce toxicity in game by  rewarding people who show sportsmanship and in general are fun to  play with. However, toxic behaviour continues to be a problem at  Valorant. In a blog post published in February 2022, Riot revealed that  despite making changes to its behaviour detection systems, players still  encounter harassment in the game frequently. Riot is working on the harsher punishments, real-time text moderation, and voice moderation changes  to improve player or user experience in Valorant in the  coming days.