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South East Asia Region Accounts: SEA (South East Asia) has always been a neglected region in regards to first-person shooter games, SEA region was never provided with good servers, the serves were ddos’ed a lot of times, the servers were full of hackers which ruined the experience of the players. When Valorant was announced people in the SEA region thought the same would happen to it too but Riot games had other plans. Riot provided SEA region players with top-tier anti-cheat, best-in-class servers and in general a very fun game to play. This caused a huge uproar among gamers and resulted in the busiest game servers for Valorant. The response was so good that they later had to add more servers in the SEA region to keep them from crashing. These server crashes could have been avoided if the game was available cross-region but sadly that is not the case. You can Buy SEA region Valorant accounts from us and happily play in the SEA region without any hiccups.If you Buy SEA Valorant smurf accounts from us it will come with the ranked mode already unlocked so that you can jump straight into ranked games.

What is Region Locking and why is it a Problem?
Region locking means that if you live in SEA region you cannot play Valorant with someone in North America. We can provide you with a very easy solution the problem mentioned above.

Countries - Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Brunei, Cambodia, Timor-Leste, Laos