When the first battle royale PUBG was gaining traction in the Gaming Community, there were rumors of the game coming over to mobile.

The launch of PUBG Mobile was a colossal success for the company and the game skyrocketed to heights of popularity among the Asian crowd.

In the current landscape, Valorant Riot Games tactical 5v5 shooter is the most popular and successful FPS around and has achieved heights that were never known to PC Games before. In one year’s time, Valorant has amassed 14 million players from across the Globe. On the first anniversary, Riot announced that the mobile version of Valorant is under production. VALORANT executive producer, Anna Donlon said, “One of our top goals this first year was to earn the trust and respect of the global FPS community, and to prove to them that VALORANT will always uphold the fundamentals of a truly worthwhile competitive tac-shooter”

Riot already has the recipe for a good game and all it needs to do is to port it over to the mobile platform. If Riot can perform this cleanly then Valorant Mobile will be the most popular game for the next 5 years AT LEAST. There is not much info about the game out but many leaks help us in figuring out some things


Riot always has promoted Valorant as a Tactical 5v5 Shooter and porting that over to the mobile platform will prove very tough for their team. The game will fundamentally be the same as its pc counterpart, it will have the same agents, the same maps, but the same is not known about the cosmetics. If Riot is successful in porting over the fun, thrill, and intensity of the pc version to a mobile then Valorant mobile is guaranteed to succeed no matter the competition. Players are very keen to see how Riot will port over the controls to better suit mobile players.


When it was announced that Valorant was coming to mobile, many fans wondered if their mobile devices could run the game smoothly or not.

As Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter the should run very smoothly even on low-end devices as your phone will only have to render a small map which will lower the load the game puts on the processor. Comparing it to other mobile games like PUBG mobile, which has to render a very big map and has to keep track of one hundred people on the map simultaneously, Valorant only has to render a small map and keep track of 10 players on it.

Quite a lot of the performance depends on the optimization done by the developer but Riot games can be trusted with optimizing their game well.


The biggest reason that PUBG mobile did so well in India was that it was released alongside the boom of jio and cheap 4g internet. Recreating such perfect timing will be very hard for riot but as Valorant is already very popular as a PC game in India the stage is already set for Valorant mobile to follow up with a stellar performance.

With no concrete evidence Valorant mobile is set to be released in the third quarter of 2021 and the beta testing for the game has already begun. The release could be region-specific at first and get released to the world at a later date.

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Riot Games is planning to increase the fan base of Valorant by introducing its mobile counterpart- this will provide Valorant with a whole new fanbase of mobile players who are hungry for some tactical and thrill-inducing gameplay.