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EU Region Valorant Accounts: EU (Europe region) has always been a power to be reckoned with in the professional scene of all First-Person Shooters games to be released. Eu has dominated the Pro scene of many games like Counter-Strike 1.6, Global Offensive, halo, Apex Legends, etc. Keeping in mind the impact of the EU region on the professional scene Riot Games knew that if they wanted their new FPS to have a good Pro scene, they would have to cement themselves as a trusted brand with a bright future. Valorant was launched at the perfect time, when they saw that the CS tournaments had stopped they launched their own CS competitor to attract more pros from CS over to Valorant. Keeping this in mind the first tournament of Valorant was not a huge success as it was limited to NA(North America) only because Valorant is region locked due to which teams from NA could not compete with teams from EU. The aforementioned problem has plagued the game since the start where players could not play with their friends who live in different regions. We Valorantsmurfshop can provide you with a very easy solution to the region lock problem. You can Buy EU region Valorant account for Sale from us and happily play in the EU region without any hiccups. If you Buy EU Valorant Smurf accounts from us it will come with the ranked mode already unlocked so that you can jump straight into ranked games.

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