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North America Region Accounts: NA (North America) has always been the biggest market for games to enter. NA has the biggest audience to offer to game developers and seeing this the game developers do their best to provide their best service in that region. Riot games knew the impact that NA region has on the popularity of a game after the success of League Of Legends, Riot knew that if they wanted their new FPS to skyrocket in popularity, they have to perform well in the NA region which is why the provided the best servers in their catalog. Currently, NA is the second most active region all around but there is one big problem, Valorant as a game is region locked. You can Buy NA region Valorant accounts from us and happily play in the NA region without any hiccups. If you Buy NA Valorant smurf accounts from us it will come with the ranked mode already unlocked so that you can jump straight into ranked games.

What is Region Locking and why is it a Problem?
Region locking means that if you live in Europe you cannot play Valorant with someone in North AmericaWe Valorantsmurfshop can provide you with a very easy solution to the problem mentioned above.

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