Why do you need to buy valorant smurf accounts and its importance?

Valorant smurf accounts are important because they allow players to practice and improve their skills without having to worry about their rank or reputation. Smurf accounts also allow players to play with friends who are of a lower skill level, or to play in a different region. This can be beneficial for players who want […]

How to get the Riot gun buddy in Valorant in 2022?

How to get the Riot gun buddy in Valorant in 2022?  

Valorant cosmetics vary  in their rarity. The Riot  gun buddy is no exception. Also known as  the Fist Bump Gun  buddy, it is possibly the rarest cosmetic in the  game. It is not only  extremely hard to obtain, but only a few players in the world handpicked by Riot employees have  the Riot Gun Buddy […]

Valorant Mobile Update

Valorant Mobile : Riots Next Big Step

When the first battle royale PUBG was gaining traction in the Gaming Community, there were rumors of the game coming over to mobile. The launch of PUBG Mobile was a colossal success for the company and the game skyrocketed to heights of popularity among the Asian crowd. In the current landscape, Valorant Riot Games tactical […]